I’ve not be blogging because I’ve ben Va-Ca-ing!

My husband and I flew to Maryland from Arizona to visit our son and his family, whom we haven’t seen, other than through Skype, for four years.

The kids, Conn, who’s eleven, and Mary, who’s six, have changed so much. Conn is so big he doesn’t even fit in the largest kids sizes for Halloween costumes… we know because they started shopping for one for him while we were there! Now, Mary, she is a bundle of energy and a chatterbox. Both kids get alone so well, Conn takes care of her, and she takes care of him. It’s really sweet to see so much love at this age between siblings.

Fortunately, during this pandemic, both parents can work from home, and mostly the kids entertain themselves. They have a great play room that keeps them occupied. But now, at the time I am writing this, they are home schooling. Their state hasn’t opened up as much as Arizona. The population there is so much higher than here, the school system could only supply one computer… for Conn. So Mary is using an old one of her father’s until hers is available in about 6 weeks.

We stayed in their In-Law-Suite, attached to their home by a door. It was such a short distance to bed. lol. We got to spend even more time with them because of it. Everyone knew we were up and dressed if the door was open, and it was so heart-warming to be greeted by our son asking if we wanted breakfast and the sleepy kids still in jammies wanting a morning hug and kiss.

It was hard saying goodbye. And we miss them so much. We are already planning our return visit.


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