Super excited to tell you I have finished a short story, The Bungling Burglar, and I will publish it on Kindle before the end of next month.

I’ve chatted with a graphic artist who is designing the cover for it.

I thought I would let you see the first few paragraphs…

The Bungling Buglar, by Kathleen Osborne (Copywrite August 2020)

What the hell! Sarah looked around her. She had just had one of the best dates in her life with a Simon Legarde, a guy she met through Heart to Heart, the top online dating site. They had met at El Jalapeno, a local family restaurant. He had looked like his picture and description, not show stopping handsome but rugged looking. His eyes were that dreamy soft chocolate brown, went well with his long brown eyelashes and sun-streaked brown hair he had gathered in a chub at the back of his neck. His manners were impeccable, no mouth-open-Neanderthal chewing, and he was nice to the waitstaff. At the end they had agreed to meet the following Friday night in a more casual setting for dinner and possibly a movie.

Simon had made her feel like a desirable woman and so femininely delicate. Not that he talked down to her. No, he made her feel like everything she said had value by actually paying attention to what she was saying. He didn’t try to have an answer or reply thought up before she had even finished talking. It made it extremely hard for her to stick to the plan of not inviting him home or sharing any intimate things. But she agreed to having a second meeting if she drove herself. When all she wanted to do was ‘jump his bones’ as she’d heard her secretary say when she saw a good-looking guy.

Only to come home to hell!

Someone had come into her house and smashed things, then had stolen the TV (brand spanking new), some inexpensive knick-knacks. Afraid to go in any further into her house. She stayed just inside the front door long enough to get a good look, then got out of there. Her hands shook so badly she almost dropped her cell phone as she dialed 911.


I hope you enjoyed and were intrigued by reading this small bit. Will send out a notice with it is published.