Peggy could hear the dog’s light woof, sharing her desire to go out and potty. It brought her out of a deep sleep; she felt groggy as she fought the covers, sat up and put her feet on the floor. She glanced over at the bedside clock and saw it 4 a.m., and thought, “Wow, she let me sleep.”

As she slipped on her slippers, she walked towards the front door, grabbing a flashlight en route, since it was still dark out at this time of the morning.

“Come on Girl Friend, it time to go out.” Peggy whispered to her dog as she opened the front door and turned on the flashlight at the same time.

As they both stepped out, she kept the flashlight on the ground but looked to sky as she always did, so impressed with the night sky. Then turning and glancing at all the neighbor’s houses, noticing those that showed someone was up for the day, others were still dark and silent, letting their owners rest in the early morning.

Suddenly, Girl Friend rushed at the fence and started barking. Peggy quickly, and quietly told her “No, bark. It’s way too early. Come on, Girl, be quiet.” But Girl Friend kept at it. Peggy grabbed her walking stick and moved towards Girl Friend, saying, “Inside, now. No Bark. Inside.” As she used the walking still to herd her into the house. Peggy went to follow her in but stopped at the door and looked back. What she saw held her in place for a few seconds. Her mind couldn’t seem to grasp what she was seeing, she stood there, blocking the door staring at a man, at least she thought it was a man. He was almost 7 feet tall, huge all over, with long hair, glowing eyes, and both arms seemed to be reaching towards her imploring her.

She, suddenly, galvanized into action by moving all the way through the door, slamming it shut, locking it, then sinking to the floor as she shook with fear. Girl Friend came to her, whimpering, trying to climb into her lap, and lick her face with doggy comfort.

She gathered herself together and set Girl Friend to the side, pulled herself to her feet, and looked out the window. She couldn’t see anything. No glowing eyes, no big man thing. “What was that? Where could it be from?” she wondered aloud.

She knew that where she lived in the White Mountains of Arizona there have been several sightings of UFOs, even a reported abduction by aliens years ago. But nothing that anyone owned to right now. And there was nothing about contact with any other worlds–heavens she knew that they had only reached the moon, landed on it over 50 years ago. And they had launched spaceships to other planets in the galaxy with no one on them… that was all common knowledge. Nowhere, no news reports or information anywhere that we had contacted another planet. So, where did this guy come from?

The scary part she knew was if she indiscriminately shared this with anyone, it would ruin her life. The Paparazzi would make her life hell. Not to mention the people that would make fun of her, it would ruin her business.

But she couldn’t get over the feeling that whoever, whatever, it was she saw, had been beseeching her–reaching out to her for something. She never got the sense that he meant to her harm her… and her fear, she knew, was from the suddenness and the strangeness of him.

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