My goodness, has it been so long? Six months. Where has all the time disappeared? It doesn’t seem possible, but it has been over six months since I’ve done a blog or news, hadn’t started my stories for the anthology.

I’d like to let you know why you haven’t heard from me for so long. It started with getting nine authors to join with me in writing an Anthology, and then bang it was time for NANOWRIMO. For those who have not heard of this event, it takes place during all of November. Each participating adult’s goal is to write of book’s first rough draft of no less than 50,000 word in that month. (Teens write 10,000 words.) I did it! My first NANOWRIMO, and I did it. (I’m doing a happy dance right now). The book I wrote will the part two of the Modrog Defenders Trilogy.

Plus, during NANOWRIMO we went to Oregon for two weeks to visit with my doll of a mother-in-law and wonderful brother-in-law. Got to do a lot of baking and cooking, along with writing. It was a blast. And speaking of blast, we stayed at a hotel right on the ocean; the wind and rain blasted nearly every day. Hmmm, may be a making of another story???

Which brings me to… something else I am involved in, the editing phase of Dream Brides, Modrog Defenders Part 1. Praying we can finish it and the final edit, and ‘get ‘er done’ by the end of May 2021. Or at the latest, the first to middle of June.

After everything in November, on December 9th, I had rotator cuff surgery. That’s when I found out I couldn’t type for two months. Which meant I had to invest in dictating software, learn it, teach it my style and voice. You’ll never know how much of a learning curve that was for me and the software. I felt like a kindergartener learning my ABC’s. I would say we are now at the Junior High level. lol

I had to laugh at what would come out of the computer versus what I said. It meant an added time of editing, too. I say, “The dog ran over the hill.” And it would type, “The dug an over the ill.” If I talked to fast it would make up words that I never heard of, at least none of it was profanity. I might have taken it that the program was angry with me. lol

January and February has had me working with a wonderful young lady in Philly, Soleah Sadge (a fellow author in the Anthology) wrapping up the Anthology. Getting everything edited and proofed. We will release Tolerance in e-book format and print March 4, 2021. Watch for further emails about it as we are offering a discount as part of the launch of the e-book.

In the beginning of February I started editing Dream Brides Part 2. While still writing short stories and starting another book, which will not part of the Modrog Defenders Trilogy.

On I created an author’s group ( You can use the ‘Fan’ button on the top menu of the website and it will take you directly there. I’m adding direct access to my new accounts on,, and, through my website. And the new Book Release landing page on, which will also have a recommended reading list of my favorite authors.

As far as the domestic side, I’m super excited about all that is happening and that I can finally bake again. (I think my husband is more excited about the baking. Lol)

Since you are part of my email list, I’m going to share some things about Dream Brides, that you might not know about. It takes place on earth in the Chicago area and in the space on the Modrog’s Starship Intrepid. There are two alien races that reveal themselves to humans. Atatinni and Modrog—lifelong enemies. I hope that wet your reading appetite.

One last thing. In a couple of weeks, all the authors of the Anthology are taking part in a live interview about our anthology, Tolerance, and we will allow time at the end for you to ask questions for us to answer. You’ll be able to direct them to the individual author or to the group at large. I will email you to access code if you are interested in attending.

I hope you are as excited as I am….