Each day we are faced with choices. Some days we can get overwhelmed with the amount of choices we have to make. Usually the first one of the days is do we get up or stay in bed? And sometimes we know other factors can happen to make us make a choice in a speedily manner. Like in the morning you’re thinking deeply on the merits of staying in bed, about to roll over and pull the covers up when your pesky bladder tells you, “You don’t have control, I do. If you don’t get in the bathroom right now, you will be laying in a puddle.” So now you are faced with – Do I get up and go to the bathroom, or do I lay here knowing it is going to be a puddle soon.

Choices can happen just like that in any situation. Choices can be presented in basic bodily functions like we discussed, or it could be life changing… or not.

Several years ago, I heard someone say, “Nothing changes unless you ask.” Now this was being used as an example for someone in sales. Meaning they will either say “yes” or “no”. If they say “no”, nothing has changed. BUT if they say “yes”, then situation does change.

You can use this thought in almost in any situation. Any choice we make either can make life shattering changes or it can cause us to continue in the status quo.

For example, in my life when I was 18, I was given the opportunity to join the Air Force. My choices were stay at home, continue working as a long distance telephone operator living at home with my parents (I couldn’t afford to move out); or join the Air Force, Have a new career, travel, meet new people, hopefully explore other nations, the opportunities presented were limitless. I chose the Air Force. A choice that brought me a wonderful husband, 2 fabulous kids, 5 grands and 1 great grand. I’ve lived in 2 foreign countries – Turkey and England. I have visited 3 others – Canada, Mexico, and Germany. And traveled throughout the States.

What if I had chosen to stay home? It boggles my mind at what I would have missed.

Have you made life changing choices, that when you look back you are so glad you chose the one did?

Believe me I have made decisions I have regretted – some totally, others partially. And some of that is because I will ponder a decision, make the choice and give it my all.

What kind of person are you when you decide – do you slowly go into it, like wading in the water before taking a plunge. Or are you like me… in your pondering prior to choosing you’ve thought of all those questions, gotten answers for them, so you jump in with both feet totally committed.

One final question: What big choice is in front of you now?

I would love to hear your answers on the two questions posed here.

Hugs Kathleen