Kathleen Osborne

Romance-Science Fiction Novels and Short Stories

Jonas Wines eyed the occupant of the living room from the kitchen, “Dickie get your ass in here.”

“Yes, sir!” Dickie smirks, sauntering to the kitchen table and chairs. Pulling out a chair, plops in it. “Is everything set to fix our cash flow problems?”

Jonas frowned as he surveyed him. Something is different. We haven’t been around each other for two years. He wasn’t unstable in prison.

Leaning back against the kitchen counter, his arms crossed. “Tomorrow we’ll hit Macer’s Jewelry store right after they open” Fixing Dickie with a stern look, he continued. “That’s if everyone follows the plan. We’ll out the door in five minutes.”

Susie, Jonas’ wife, walked in as Jonas anchored a map of tomorrows plan to the tabletop.  She opened the oven to check on the roast beef, looking over her shoulder at Jonas. “Supper will be ready in 30 minutes, are we discussing this now, or after dinner?”

“Now, then after dinner, we’ll go back over it. Everyone must know their part. Our timeline can’t afford any screw ups.”

Jonas rapped the table to get their attention. Pointed a pen at West Street. “A half a block from Macer’s is an alley. Susie will park the car here on the street near it.” Moving the pen to point out the street corner, “At two minutes to eight, Dickie and I will put on our masks here. We’ll have the bags to hold the jewels under our shirts.”

“Once inside, I’ll pull my gun telling everyone to get on the floor. And someone will have set off the alarm. Ignore it.” Pointing to Dickie. “You’ll tie up everyone but Macer. Next, we’ll take Macer to the back. We’ll have him put the uncut gems in the bags. Then we’ll tie him up, and we head out, shutting off the alarm as we leave.”

Dickie hide a sly look, “How about I hold the gun and you tie them up?”

Jonas gave him a piercing look. “Because it is my gun.”

“What a stick in the mud.”

Dickie got up and walked out the kitchen door to the backyard.

Susie gazing after him, switches it to Jonas. Whispers to Jonas, “I don’t trust him.”


“Go out and make this a safe town to live in… and you be safe, too,” said Lt. Maxine Ford, a fifteen-year veteran of the Mason Arizona Police Department.

Officer Eseme Cruze, a trainee of three months, was at the weapons storage counter collecting rifles, tasers, and necessary ammunition. Her trainer Sgt. Josie Bails tapped her on the shoulder.

“I need to see Lt. Ford; I’ll meet you at the shop. Have everything readied to go when I get there. Don’t forget your Kevlar vest. I think we’ll need them today.”

Making her way to Lt. Ford’s office, she thought back to when she first started having insights, as she called them. Every time she had one, they happen. She had ignored them at first and it had cost her. Shaking her head. Not going there now. Focus.

She knocked on the door of Lt. Ford’s office and entered. “Maxine, you asked me to let you know if I had anything about today.”

Maxine stood up from her chair behind her desk. “Okay, Josie, spill it.”

“Something will happen this morning. Not sure what, just that we need to be alert.”

“You’ve never been wrong before. I’ll order everyone to wear their Kevlar vests, and I’ll be checking. It will ensure they do.”

“Thanks Maxine. I truly hope this comes to nothing.”

“Go on. Teach Cruze how to be an excellent cop.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”


When Cruze sees Bails, snapping to attention behind the front passenger door, “All done, Sarge.”

“Good.” She threw the keys at Cruze. “You’re driving today.”

Shock almost made her drop the keys. “Yes, Sarge.” Her inside glee at driving  wasn’t hidden at all.

“Go downtown, start at the corner of East and Main, then down to the west end.”

The only noise in the car was chatter on the radio, when Lieutenant’s voice was loud and clear ordering all officers to wear their vests. As she signs off, Cruze’s awe filled eyes swing to Bails’.


Susie parked the car near the alley, according to the plan.  Everything was quiet, no cops, people, or traffic. She turned off the car and left the keys in the ignition. Dickie hopped out of the back seat of the car; and sauntered to the corner.

Jonas leaned toward Susie. “If you hear a gunshot or see a lot of cops. Don’t wait for us. You get out of here. Don’t speed. Just pull out like normal. You can’t get caught. You hear me? I love you.”

“All right, love. I’ll do it.” Her eyes trace his face. “You just better make damn sure you come back to me. I’m not losing you.”

He pulled her to him, kissed filled full of love, passion and a touch of desperation. He need her to know the depth of his love for her. When they pulled apart, heavy breathing filled the car. They stared at one another her eyes reflect her love.

He climbed out of the car. Joined Dickie standing near the corner of the building. Dickie was rocking on his feet.

Our of the corner of his eye Jonas stared at him. Lord, I hope this isn’t a mistake. 

Together they put on their masks, rounded the corner, and walked in the front door of Macer’s Jewelry store.

Jonas pulled his gun, raised it to the sky for them to see. “Everyone on the floor. Lay flat with your hands behind your back.”

The guard complied, followed by the salesclerk. Where was the owner? Crap, he isn’t here.

As Dickie tied them up. Jonas picked up the guard’s weapon.

A wild look on his face, Dickie looked at the guns Jonas held. “There are two guns now, I want one.”

Now he knew his partner was dangerous. He handed him his gun. “Sure, here ya go,”

Footsteps were heard coming from hallway the back. It must be Macer. They grabbed him as he walked in.

In seconds they were in the back. Both pointed their guns at Macer as he filled the bags with the uncut gems. Jonas had been keeping an eye on Dickie’s weird reaction to all the gems and the gun he was holding.

That’s when things went south.

Dickie tied up Macer, then danced around like he’d just made a touchdown. He slammed to a halt, pointed the gun at Jonas.  “Hand over the bag and gun. It’s all mine.”

“Don’t do this, man. There is plenty here for both of us. If you shoot me, you’ll bring the cops, they’ll catch you within minutes.”

“You’re wrong.” CLICK, CLICK, CLICK.  “What the hell, it doesn’t work! You knew it wouldn’t work. You gave me a gun that doesn’t work.”

“I never give someone I don’t trust a weapon. You’ve been acting crazy lately. I don’t trust you.” Raising the guard’s gun, Jonas pointed to the table top with it. “Put the gun down, sit in that chair.”

Jonas tied him to the chair and his ankles together. The whole time Dickie spewed. “I’ll get you for this. No one steals from Dickie Jones.”

Jonas smiled, exchanged the guns, and went out the back door, without turning off the alarm.


Ignoring the alarm blaring over his head, Dickie jerked at the roped until his arms are free, then untied his ankles. Then he snatched up the guard’s gun. Furiously he checked it for bullets. He charged from the back room front room display cases full of jewelry. Glass sprays all around when he hits them with his gun. He ripped the jewelry off the black velvet display base, stuffed all of it in his clothing.

He stopped cold.

“This is the Police. Come out with your hands up, and you won’t be harmed.”


“M19, this is dispatch, possible 10-17 in progress, 310 W. Main, Macer’s Custom Jewelry.”

“10-4, dispatch, 3 minutes out,” responded Bails. She directs her trainee. “No siren, we want to sneak up on them.”

Pulling up, no other officers have arrived. They both pull the equipment from the trunk and set up perimeter lines.

Additional officers arrive, helping Cruze set up barriers and command post. Lt. Ford arrived and heads to the command post. Together, Bails and she go to her vehicle.

“Maxine, you want to start the talking?” Bails held out the bullhorn towards her.

“No, you were first on scene. You handle it. I’ll step in if necessary.”

Checking to make sure everyone was in place, Bails stands up, and lifts the bull horn. “This is the Police. Come out with your hands up, and you won’t be harmed.” 

With no micro cams or drones available to see what’s going on, Bails shares a plan with Ford. “We need eyes and ears in there. The backdoor alarm doesn’t reset automatically. So, an officer could sneak in.”

“It’s risky. Anyone in mind?”

“Yes, Officer Cruze. She moves like a wraith. She can do it.”.

“Officer Cruze, report to the Command Post.” Came an order of the coms.


“With the body cam and wire on, we’ll be able to hear and see them. Your job, officer, is covert. Get us intel. Don’t speak, use hand signals to communicate. V for victim and a pistol shape for robbers. Got it?”

“Yes, Ma’am. Pistol for robbers, V for victims. Don’t speak. Wait for your call on my headphone to advance.”


A car pulling away from the curb with a man and women in passed Cruze as she entered the alley. Interesting, wonder why they were here? Maybe they were hoping to buy something.

She heard an angry man’s voice. “Damn it, it didn’t work. Nothing is working right. I should’ve had it all.”

On her right there’s a chair with ropes hanging from its arms and on the floor. Ten feet away there’s man tied up on the floor. Must be the owner. He’s pale. She put her finger on his pulse point. Nothing. Oh, no! He’s not breathing, no pulse. Heart attack?

She signaled a V, then pointed the camera at the victim. Nothing she can do. Moving down the back hallway to the front room, she hid at the doorway.

A young frightened female voice was speaking. “You can take everything, but don’t hurt us, please.” Then she whimpered.

And older man’s scratchy voice was shouting. “Hey, stop that. Leave her alone,” Must be the guard.

“I ain’t touched her yet.” Came the first angry man’s voice

“See that you don’t.” Scratchy voice spoke.

“Maybe I’ll take her with me. I don’t have a girlfriend, she’ll do.”.

She signals one with the pistol, and two with the V.

“This is the police. This is your last chance. Come out now, or we’ll come in and get you.”

Thank God, they heard him. 

One set of footsteps move toward the front, and the sound of glass shattering. Angry Voice was shouting through the broken window, “Pull back or we’ll kill a hostage. We want a million dollars, and a vehicle with no tracker on it.”

“That will take some time to coordinate, and we need to know you will do what you say. Give us a good faith gesture, send out the girl.”

“You get the guard,”

Cruze, frustrated can’t see anything. All she could do was hear what’s happening.

What she heard sounds of a scuffle. Then Angry Voice

yelling. “I’m sending out the guard. Don’t shoot.” The sounds of the door being pushed, shoes walking on and crushing glass underfoot. Followed by the door shutting, Cruze heard footsteps moving to the girl weeping.

Simultaneously, she hears in her ear, “NOW.”

She rushed into the room, weapon drawn, as a man spins to her, with his gun raised. Before either could shoot, he falls face first on the floor. Tripping on his shoelace. Trying to hid a smile, she cuffed him. As officers rush through the doors.



This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places,

or events are entirely coincidental.


Copyright © 2020 Writings by K. Osborne LC 

All Rights Reserved.