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Mar 16, 2021 by KATHLEEN OSBORNE, in events

Life is so much fun when change happens. I hear the "Ha!" and the "I hate change!"


But what if you initiate the change? Don't you love it then? Think about it. You look around the house and it hits you again how much you dislike the way the kitchen is laid out. Or you hate tile and you've finally tried to roll out something, and it was a mess because of the tile. If you are married, you corner your spouse and let them know; you have had it up to here as your hand waves over your head. The two of you go over the family savings and realize you have enough to redo the counters and sink. Thankfully, it won't be touching the emergency fund money.

Now you track down a reputable contractor and hire him. You clean off the counter, underneath the sink and the lower cupboards. You have a mess. You pray that the neighborhood Miss Manners doesn't come by. Then she follows one of the construction people in and sits down for a pleasant chat. Then compliment you on how neat your house is with heavy sarcasm and strolls out the door, head held high. You want to ring her little neck because the construction people are hammering away. While another is using a band saw in the front yard on the new countertop, waking up the older neighbors from their afternoon naps. But it is as if she can't even see or hear them.

You finally send her off, and the kids arrive home from school with all their friends, with yours breezing in, "Mom, it's okay. They just wanna see what's we're getting done. We won't get in the way. Promise."

And you believe them... until Jimmy, the neighbor's boy trips over the tarp they laid down to protect your carpet and hits his head on the corner of the cupboard just as they are bringing in the countertop. As the saying goes, 'What a goat-rope.'

It seemed as if hours past to get little Jimmy up and his head wound covered, so that they could bring in the countertop. You let him have your seat of center stage to see how they did it, to keep him from crying.

It was so nice and beautiful. You made sure the kids watched how the construction work supervisor made his people clean up after themselves, so they knew it didn't matter how old you are you still gotta pick up after yourself.

Once they left, everyone oohed and aahed. Then took off home to brag to their families, they were the first to see something really cool.

Now came the chore of putting everything back. You let the kids go out and play; you wanted to do this yourself. It gave you such peace now. A change you have been waiting years for. It finally happened.


Was it easy? No, it was hard finding the right people to do the job for the money you had. Was it messy? Oh, yes. Dust from the doors being left over made you think of what it must have been like during the dust bowl era in the 1920s.

Having all your things put up everything in its place. Joy fills your heart, and it energizes you. You have a huge sink you can actually get your pots in to clean and smooth countertops so you can bake the wave you have wanted to for years.

You give the counters one good last wipe down, pull things from the cupboards, pantry and frig to get supper going when you hear your husband pulling in from the full day he had. He walks in and pauses at the doorway into the kitchen. "Honey, this is so wonderful. You were right. We needed to change."

He takes two giant steps, picks you up and swings you around. "Where are the kids?"

"Outside playing hide and seek with the neighborhood kids."

"How long?"

"About 20 minutes."

You both rush to your bedroom, lock the door and celebrate ... doing something that was another change.


I know that was a kind of humorous look at something that can bind families together or tear them apart... we lived through it for over a week. Redoing floors, remodeling our bathroom and kitchen. But it was so worth it. The change I'm talking about now is my website. I hope you like the new one. I am what one would call 'website' challenged. It seemed too convoluted to do any updates, make page changes. That sort of thing. So I switched.

Don't get me wrong. I really liked my web designer. He was great. But I didn't enjoy having to go to him for everything.... and believe it or not, he was using one of the supposedly easiest type of site to update 'Divi'. Like I said. I was definitely challenged.

Now I have one that with ease I can update, make changes on, and even rearrange! Who would of thunk I could do that?! Years ago, I might have, but since I am now a woman of a certain age, I'd rather write than build a website. lol