Kathleen Osborne

It’s Been Too Long…

I had to laugh at what would come out of the computer versus what I said. It meant an added time of editing, too. I say, “The dog ran over the hill.” And it would type, “The dug an over the ill.” If I talked to fast it would make up words that I never heard of, at least none of it was profanity. I might have taken it that the program was angry with me. lol

What’s Been Happening

During all this time I invited other authors to join me in writing an Anthology. Nine answered my call and we started pulling it together. By December I hadn’t written a word of my part of the Anthology. Can you imagine the angst I was feeling about it. Everything was due to be turned in as a finished product by February 26, 2021. And I hadn’t even begun!

VACA Time!

VACA Time!

My husband and I flew to Maryland from Arizona to visit our son and his family, whom we haven’t seen, other than through Skype, for four years.

Always Learning…

Hi Everyone. It doesn't matter what you do in life; you continue to learn, always learning. Having a teachable heart and spirit helps overcome those obstacles we encounter daily. When one is a writer the things we write are constantly developing, so we are in a...

LAUNCH OF The Bungling Burglar

Mix romance, mystery, cops and jewelry that can kill the wearer or give them incredible powers… all wrapped up in a short story that takes you from a wonderful date, to a robbery, trashed house, neatly stacked items ready for a burglar to pick up, powerfully imbibed jewelry, and a dead body. And the dead body the result of the person’s own actions… or was it? 

Publishing on Kindle!!

His manners were impeccable, no mouth-open-Neanderthal chewing, and he was nice to the waitstaff. At the end they had agreed to meet the following Friday night in a more casual setting for dinner and possibly a movie.