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Kathleen Osborne is a new author; her focus is on Sci-Fi Romance set in the present time.  She considers herself a “Grandma Moses” because she didn’t start her writing career until after she hit her 69th birthday.

Married over 43 years to Robert, they met and married while on active duty in the Air Force. She after 21½ years and Robert, 24½ years. They not only traveled and lived in many different location they were blessed with 2 children, 5 grandchildren, and 1 great-grandchild.

After she retired went on to work with the Northrop Aircraft Corporation on the B-2 Program as a Statistical Analyst. During her time there she had the opportunity to actually sit in the cockpit of this remarkable jet while it was still in the development stages.

Her career took a change of course, to where she was a Senior Pastor’s Private Secretary and the Church Secretary. At this time, she started writing. She created a newsletter for the women’s ministry with stories of answered prayer and items to encourage their walk with the Lord. She also began to journal again… anything from her prayer time to life in general.

After working there for more than 10 years she switched gears and became a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, then a Director. She learned how to use someone’s face as a canvas to a qualified Make Up Artist. She loved to see how happy people were with her product and giving them tips to make the most of the features.

During this time, she joined the regional chamber and won awards voted on the 1200 business membership to include: Entrepreneur of the Year and Volunteer of the Year. She went on to be Co-Chairman of Young/New Business, Chairman of the Ambassadors and Women in Business networks.

After working with the Women in Business network, she and 12 other women in the business community banded together and created the San Jacinto Valley Women’s Conference. Their efforts were to raise funds for higher educations for women who either had left the work force, need education to advance in their profession, were already in higher education, etc. Within the first four years they raised over $20,000 for scholarships. This organization is still going strong helping women in the San Jacinto-Hemet School District area.

She retired again (chuckle). She and her husband looked around to where they wanted to move to. They decided that best place for them was up in the White Mountains of Arizona on the northeastern side of the state in a small town called Show Low. Once there, Kathleen learned how to sew and started a business for custom/designer dog clothing, specializing in small dogs. She developed a loyal following but found that going to various markets and setting up displays was causing her physical problems.

So, she retired again (chuckle).

During the last year of owning her dog clothing business she started taking writing courses and found she loved every minute of it. She is currently working with her editor on her first novel. Her novel is a romance – as she will tell you life itself has so many problems and not always happy ending. But when reading a romance book, be it cloaked in mystery or sci-fi – future setting or past, is can be a cure for the any doldrums anyone maybe dealing with.

She is now writing short stories. She has recently entered three different stories in three different contests. It will be upto five week til we hear if she won. If you would like to vote for her on one of the stories called, “Alone in a the Box.” You can go to https://shortfictionbreak.com/summer-20/ Scroll down and find her story, it is sorted by last name. Read it and leave a comment. Read three others, then return to the main page and scroll down to the large voting button.