While working on selling one business and I have already begun the new one.

They told me writing would be work, but oh my goodness. I’ve had to go back to school! I knew I would need help, but I didn’t know all the behind-the-scenes things required to be successful.

Even that word successful, you must define. Do I want to be a literary success or a financial success? Hmmm, hard choice. NOT. My idea of success is writing something that give someone the opportunity to travel, see new worlds, experiences new things – through reading. And it wouldn’t hurt if I made some money while I’m at it. But to write something just for literary fame, no. That just isn’t who I am.

We can overrate recognition; I have received awards and accolades over the years for many things, the accolades and a few bucks will buy me a cup of coffee. Fame last but a moment in time. But making someone’s day brighter–oh my, that lasts a lifetime.

Even as a kid when I wanted to write the stories like what I was reading, I felt the same way. I love English classes… but hated the writing parts. I would cringe when I received my papers back from my teachers and all those red marks were all over it. So, I changed my focus. I went from writing papers to writing poems. Whenever I would write poems instead of any papers. My poems weren’t the normal Shakespearean rhymes. Sometimes they were very Bohemian one-word poems. The ones that made everyone think you were a beatnik of the 60s, that is when I was in High School.

I watched other kids in English that were so good at writing; they got straight A’s for written reports, but couldn’t speak publicly… I could do that, never had a fear of being in front of people. But I so wanted to write and write so that people would want to read the next sentence like a thirsty man in a desert with a glass of fresh water.

Well, here I am, writing. Back in school, so to speak, too. My teachers have experience, who have, as the saying goes, “bought the T-shirt, and worn it out.” They have received recognition as the top in their genre by many agencies–the biggest one of all, too. Their fans!

They write because they have a story to tell and want their readers to enjoy what they wrote. But they had to learn what I am doing right now. How to Blog, have a Website, write–consistently every day, have their work edited, and put these two together Market themselves & get Published!

This Blog is ready… I promise it will get better, just hang in there with me.

The Website will be up shortly. (www.kaosborne1.com)

I write consistently everyday minimum 1000 words.

There is a group of writers I get critiques from on my work and I have been interviewing editors.

I’m learning about how to market my book(s) and publish them myself in the eBook formats!

And that is how I got to this point. I went full circle. Back to my girlhood dreams and ambitions.

Now, I have a question for you – how did you get to this point in your career? Is it something that slowly developed, is it a return to youthful dreams, is it something that happened out of the blue?

I would love for you to send me which it is.