Kathleen Osborne

Science Fiction/Romance, Short Stories

Anthology “Tolerance” Coming Soon!

Early fall of 2020 ten authors met at an online meeting site for the first time, over a glass of wine. The idea of an anthology was born. Together, we compiled this anthology to resemble an old 45 RPM vinyl record, with an A and B side. The ‘A’ side stories are all based on the theme, “Tolerance.” Whereas side ‘B’ are tales straight from the hearts of the authors. Both side, like those records of old, are a banquet of entertainment for the reader. So sit back with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee, put your feet up, get comfy, and prepare to enjoy the feast.


The Bungling Burglar

Changes Taking Place

Dream Brides, part 1 of the Modrog Defenders will be out in e-book format by June 2021. I’m working on the cover and the final editing. Shortly afterwards it will be ready in paperback. Then in a few months will be the audio. Lots of things are happening. Nothing is standing still.
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New! Short Stories

Kathleen is now writing short stories!

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